Release Date: July 28th, 2020

In April of 2020, I gave my Patrons 3 options for a new episode: Chex Quest, Sony’s 3 Biggest Mistakes, and Mario Paint. With 490 votes cast, Mario Paint won the contest with 211 votes!

But right away, I thought I had made a mistake. As I started initial research, there just wasn’t much out there. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to make the video. But as I kept digging, I discovered a lot of people still using Mario Paint. This blew my mind, since the game came out almost 30 years ago. I decided that the video would answer 2 questions: Why did Nintendo make Mario Paint and how did it affect kids growing up?

I posted a call-out on Twitter for people who grew up playing Mario Paint and interviewed about 10 different people. I narrowed that down to 5, and then finally down to 3. Their stories really helped flesh out this video, and I think it is easily one of my favorites.


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