Release Date: March 10th, 2023

I was looking through my notebook of topic ideas when I stumbled on one that I simply wrote as “BDL Express.” After a quick Google refresher, I decided to take a deep dive. The Express was a portable NES that was teased in a few video game magazines in the early 90s, including EGM and GamePro. Unfortunately, it never released. I spent a lot of time on this video trying to get a hold of Paul Biederman, the man behind the system. But sadly, I was never able to make contact.

How do you talk about a system that never released? For this video, we used the power of 3D animation. Old video game magazines had surprisingly detailed descriptions of the system. There was also one photo. With these clues, we were able to animate the Express in the 3rd dimension!

Oddly, my favorite bit of information I learned from this episode was about Camerica, the company who attempted to release The Express. Most wiki articles state the company “declared bankruptcy” in 1993. However, I was able to find a report stating that the Canadian government shut them down for illegally routing their 1-800 number through Cuba. Crazy!


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