Release Date: September 9th, 2022

Back in 2015, I made a video about the Sharp Nintendo Television. In that video, I briefly mention that Sharp also made a TV with a built-in Super Famicom, the Sharp SF1. Seven years later, I finally got my hands on one thanks to supporters on Patreon. This TV was shipped to me from Japan and I was shocked it survived the journey. This is a hefty television and it makes funny noises when I power it on. Electronics can’t last forever though. Luckily, it lasted long enough for me to film it!

I thought researching this topic would be easy, but I was wrong. There were lots of little things about the TV that were mysterious to me. And because it is a somewhat obscure piece of hardware, there was little to no information online. So I had to figure out a lot of these problems myself. Overall, I think this is the most comprehensive video about this television.


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