Release Date: February 24, 2021

I first heard about LJN’s Roll & Rocker from the Angry Video Game Nerd episode on NES accessories. Ever the historian, my initial reaction was, “why?” Back in December of 2020, I finally decided to look into this odd peripheral. What I found was a company in a tight situation. One of LJN’s toy gun lines, Gotcha!, was a complete disaster. Luckily, their video game products were selling very well and keeping the company profitable. But with licensee regulations and a chip shortage, LJN needed to expand into NES accessories. That’s how we got the infamous Roll & Rocker.

My favorite part of making this video was cracking open the device. It’s 95% plastic! I also enjoyed testing all the games. I do want to be fair to the Roll & Rocker: It does work! But it’s not a great way to play video games.


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