Release Date: June 9th, 2023

Last year, fellow historian Ethan Johnson wrote the episode “When Nintendo Games Were on Atari.” I really enjoyed the script, and I wanted to make more pre-NES video content. Shortly after, we did a topic vote on Patreon. The winning topic was about the Fairchild Channel F, the first console to use cartridges.

This video took a long time – work originally began in the summer of 2022! Ethan wrote several drafts of the script while Kristin & I revised it several times. Acquiring all of the hardware for filming also took a long time. The Channel F didn’t sell many units, so getting the console in the original box was challenging. Luckily, friend of the show Pat Contri was able to send me consoles from his collection.

I know this video won’t have gangbuster views – it’s an obscure topic – but I feel it is an important topic. And I’m proud of this video! It was a collaborative effort.


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