Release Date: June 30th, 2022

Microsoft was the last major company I needed to talk about in my “3 Biggest Mistakes” series. It was fun to research because I, personally, have experienced the consequences of every single one of these mistakes! I was (and still am) a big PC gamer, so I was pretty excited for GFWL. But it was such a buggy mess. In 2013, I wanted to get the new Xbox One…until they actually announced it. I changed my mind and got a PS4. And finally, I bought an Xbox 360 in 2006 due to its popularity and low cost. I heard reports of the dreaded ‘red ring of death,’ but Microsoft was downplaying the issue. Well, sure enough, I had the issue myself. Luckily, Microsoft fixed it for free. Because of my personal experiences, it was really fun to write up this episode.

This video was edited by Luis Illingsworth.


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