Topps 1982 Donkey Kong Cards

Topps is known for creating collectible sports and entertainment cards, most notably the Garbage Pail Kids series. Back in 1982, Donkey Kong was sweeping up gamers across the nation (notice the #1 Video Game print on the card wrapper?). In response, Topps released a set of Donkey Kong cards. I happen to own an unopened pack! Each pack contains 3 rub off cards, 3 stickers, and a stick of bubble gum. Let’s open it up shall we?

First are the “rub-off” games. There are only 4 of these total. It’s Just a simple game where you scratch off the circles to rack up your score and try to save Pauline (or according to the rules “Beautiful Girl”). Gather ’round your friends for a sweet multiplayer match!

Now for the coolest part of the pack, the stickers. There are 32 in all to collect and have some really nostalgic artwork. Notice Mario looks….different. Obviously he has changed a lot since 1982. If you collected all the stickers, you could form 2 big pictures featuring Donkey Kong. Click here to view the 2 pics (courtesy of Famicom Blog). Not sure how I feel about the “I’m Hot For Donkey Kong” one. Maybe a little curious?

And finally, the bubble gum. My piece broke over the many years and it doesn’t look very….juicy anymore. I would recommend throwing it away at this point.

Topps would do a few more sets with Nintendo, including a Legend of Zelda series. The Donkey Kong cards was their first collaboration. These packs aren’t too hard to find ($3.00 with free shipping on E-Bay). If you are looking for a cheap nostalgia fix, look no further. The stickers alone are worth it, with the stale gum being the cherry on top.

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