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NGNY Week 6: Vanquish

It’s only the first quarter of No Game New Year, but so far this has been a pretty easy resolution. I have been having a blast playing my old games, from the original NES to games on Steam. However, this past weekend I picked up a game I have been meaning to beat: Vanquish.

Oh, you haven’t heard of this game, or even played it? You really should try to change that. Vanquish was made by the brilliant developer, Platinum Games, and directed by the great Shinji Mikami. He happened to make another game called “Resident Evil.”

Vanquish is a stylish 3rd person shooter that takes place in a future where Russia has threatened to blow up New York City. You play as Sam Gideon, a former Heisman Trophy winner (huh?), who commands a technologically advanced suit loaded with weapons. It is up to you and your comrades to destroy the Russian threat (full of robots I might add).

Story aside, this game KICKS ASS. Imagine taking Gears of War and making it 5x more intense. There is also a cool mode where you can boost on the floor and take out enemies drive-by style. Your suit also has the option to slow down time, allowing you to dodge bullets and take out enemies in a cool, chill manner straight out of an action movie.

The story and dialogue is weak, but I will throw kudos to the game for making the president of the United States a female. Nice to see that for a change. Also, there is no multiplayer, which kills replay value. But seriously, you haven’t played this game? This is a must-own for 360 / PS3. GO FIND IT.

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