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NGNY Week 7: Vacation

A question recently came up on on the No Game New Year Facebook Group about what you want to do MORE of this year now that less time is spent buying and playing new video games. Without hesitation, I commented “go on more vacations.”

I have a pretty busy day job that requires me to stare at a computer for 9 hours, so when I think vacation, I think of nature. I think of going somewhere that my cell phone has no reception and internet is not available. Last week, my wife & I chose Eureka Springs, Arkansas as that spot.

I was honestly surprised by how beautiful it was. I live in a pretty flat area with not much nature to speak of. However, this location was only 4 hours away. We started driving on flat highway but ended up weaving around mountains. We found plenty to do between exploring the quiet town of Eureka Springs and going on all of the great hiking trails available. We even managed to visit a Civil War battlefield (my idea!)

The craziest part? I brought my Nintendo 3DS thinking I could spend some time finishing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I never even turned the system on.

Brian Castleberry recently posted an update on his No Game New Year and mentioned that this year is a “rediscovery of me.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. This vacation definitely helped.

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