Gift Shop FAQ

Welcome! Have questions about our gift shop? Read our most frequently asked questions below.

What shipping options do you offer?
Currently I only offer a flat rate. I ship via the US Postal Service in protected packaging.

How much is shipping / how long will it take?
US + Territories – $5.00 for the 1st item, $7.00 for 2 items or more – 3 to 5 business days

International – $15.00 for the 1st item, $17.00 for 2 items or more – 1 to 6 weeks (depends on country)

If I am international, will I have to pay customs?
Unfortunately, yes, depending on the customs laws in your country. I can’t control that.

What payment options do you have?
Currently I only accept PayPal. I’ve used it for years and it is fast, safe and secure. It also offers a wide variety of payment options.

I have a problem with my purchase! What do I do?
Contact me directly and let me know what is wrong! Use the contact page

How will a purchase appear on my credit card statement?

Where can I buy a poster?
Posters are difficult to ship, so they are exclusive to conventions I attend.

What does the money support?
Your purchase goes strictly towards helping fund The Gaming Historian. This includes equipment, research materials, and website costs. Thanks for your support!

Have any further questions? You can reach me via the contact page.