Level 7 Podcast – 6: 50 Worst Game Names

Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets a perfect score from Famitsu, the new Xbox 360 dashboard update, and we go through a list of the 50 worst game names of all time.

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  • mds0014

    Awesome!!! Hurray weather channel!!!!  😀
    Go Jaffe!!! 
    I understand the whole thing about the used games sells hurting developers, but i disagree with the multiplayer passcode. i dont think it’ll solve anything and in fact will hurt sales. i think i mentioned on another comment about how the used game market enables many people who dont have as much money to buy new games by selling their older games. a friend of mine told me that easily, just him and his friends were able to purchase over 2 dozen new games by selling their old games. thats 2 dozen new games that would not have been bought otherwise. multiply that by hundreds of thousands and thats a lot of games!!
         perhaps they should create their own used game marketplace…? i like the best sellers mentioned in another topic. $20 for best sellers are a great way to save and still support the developers.
          those are some very odd names for games.  hmmmm, i agree with you guys, miyamoto should work on new stuff. 
          i dont think the psp was a total failure. if you look at sales, yes the ds out sold it, but the psp did better than any other portable console not from nintendo. but yea, the hackers made a huge impact on the psp. i still think the ds is better, but the psp wasnt that bad.

    another great podcast guys!!!! 

  • Ra7thsign

    “Let Us Cling Together” is the subtitle of a Queen song…apparently all the Tactics Ogre games are named after Queen songs.
    Huygens (pronounced “Hi Ghins”) is probably named after Christian Huygens, a 17th century Dutch astronomer.
    James Pond 2 and Princess Tomato are both really fun games. 🙂